Why does my hair colour price vary every time?

It would seem like a simple concept that if one is wanting to achieve the same colour as last time that the pricing should be exactly the same. So why isn’t it?

I know that it appears super easy to follow the same formula, repeat it over and over, and achieve the exact same results and therefore the same price. However, that’s not how Colour Professionals work and I’m here to explain why.

what is a colour professional and what am I paying for?

A Colour Professional is someone who is well educated in colour theory, uses industry leading products, can diagnose your hair properly, identifies complimentary colours for you, and can execute a variety of techniques with an advanced skill-set. A Colour Professional uses all that knowledge to customize a colour service that fits your budget and maintenance requirements while ensuring that your hair is left healthy and looking fabulous.

That description is surely worth some applause to beauty professionals who are doing it right. 👏

what exactly affects pricing?

Length and thickness:
The longer and/or thicker the hair is, the more time and product is needed to create the desired look.

Certain techniques such as balayage and highlighting can take several hours to execute. Therefore more product is used and more time is required to achieve the desired look.

Service Intervals:
Simply put, coming in regularly makes it easier to maintain a look and can typically be done with less time and less products required. The longer you go between colour services allows more regrowth (roots) to grow in between visits. Roots become more pronounced and the risk of banding occurs (a uneven gradient effect). The longer you go between colour services also makes it more work to balance a fresh root colour with weathered or faded ends. Therefore another formulation needs to be applied on the ends to rebalance the overall colour.

Desired Tone and Colour:
Multiple toners need to be applied in varying steps to achieve a long lasting desirable effect, especially when the desired result is very cool in tone and colour. The additional time booked and the quantity of colour will determine pricing.

Warm weather, sun, cold and wind can cause hair to lighten up considerably and contribute to porosity issues which can cause hair to absorb colour differently. Similar to shingles on a roof, healthy hair has a smooth surface whereas damaged hair is rough and scaly. These varied porosity levels will contribute to a variety of colour formulations in order to achieve a uniformed end result.

As always, we are here to offer the best solutions for you at any point and time. All of us at Venere Salon are driven by one goal and one goal only – to make you look and feel your absolute best. Building strong relationships and managing expectations is key and we would never do anything to compromise that relationship.

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