our legacy

three brothers, three generations later

Nick, Ermanno, and Maurice Venere are often referred to as The Three Brothers or simply The Brothers. They are inseparable and share a common passion for the hair salon industry. Despite their success, nothing could keep them away from their practice. They can be found happily attending to their guests as Director Stylists.

our origins

Venere had its origins in Italy in the early part of the 20th century with Nicola Venere, their grandfather. The store was located in a town called Limosano in the Province of Campobasso. It was family operated with Giosué and Tonino, The Brothers’ father and uncle, as apprentices to the artisan trade. The salon was complete with an electric permanent wave machine and a cast iron hood hair dryer, state-of-the-art for its time.

When Giosué immigrated to Toronto in 1957, a new path was set in motion. He lucked upon an employer named Alfonzo who was to become a lifelong friend. He was like a father to the 21 year-old offering guidance and support. Driven as Giosué was to succeed, he enhanced his training by attending advanced academies and soon became the top hairdresser at Alfonzo’s salon. But ambition, talent, and dashing good looks couldn’t be contained for long.

He opened his first location with a partner seven years later much to the dismay of Alfonzo. Eventually, he took complete ownership of the salon and settled shop in Etobicoke in the early 1970s. The salon was given the memorable name The Cut and Curl.


Giosué reputation among Toronto’s inner circle of elite stylists was formidable. He had an uncommon talent. Although it would have been easy for him to transition to the glamour of stage work, family obligations and temperament suited a different path.

As young boys, The Brothers spent their Saturdays tending to the shampoo basins and sweeping floors as Giosué once did with his father. But when they committed to the career as young men, he instilled in them a determination to master the craft and to follow their passion wherever it may lead.

In 1986, Venere officially opened in Oakville on Monastery Drive and then to its current location on Dorval Drive. The Brothers’ motivated the move westward. With this gesture, Giosué knew the baton had been passed. Burlington and Milton followed in succession.

venere is unique among salons in Canada

Generations have shaped The Brothers and what Venere Salon is today. It is unique among salons in Canada, admired equally for its vision, excellence, and the culture that unites the team.

To honour this legacy, a commemorative element was introduced to Venere’s new wordmark. It is an orange three pointed symbol hovering above the name. The anchor points symbolizes The Three Brothers and Three Generations.