How Do I Manage My Curly Hair? – Tips and Tricks

Throughout my career I’ve seen so many of my curly hair clients struggle with frizziness.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

the nature of curly hair

If you look at a strand of hair through a microscope you will see that curly hair is flat whereas straight hair is tubular. As a result, curly hair does not reflect light or have a natural shine like straight hair does. Think of curly hair as a textured surface in comparison to straight hair that reflects light like a mirrored surface.

Curly hair grows out and sits away from the scalp.  As a result, the hair shaft does not get the benefit from natural oils that the body produces to nourish the hair.

common mistakes when caring for curly hair

Over washing your hair removes all the natural oils that already struggle to move down the hair shaft to nourish the mid-lengths to the ends. A light cleanse at the scalp, two times a week, is all that is needed.

Many of my clients have had a hard time with the concept of a twice-a-week light cleanse when I initially recommended this to them but have been really impressed with the results after sticking with it.  Their curls became less frizzy, shinier, and much more manageable.

tips and tricks for curly hair care

Brushing your hair thoroughly from root to end is essential to distribute natural nutrients and oils from the scalp throughout the rest of your hair. After a thorough brush, you can reactivate the curl by wetting your hair down. This is a huge key for nourishing your hair.

If you’re drying your hair to maintain or style your curl, I highly recommend using a diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer to control the airflow and reduce frizz. The best way to do this is:

1.      Lightly towel dry your hair, ensuring that you maintain dampness, before distributing product

2.      Product should be used liberally and distributed evenly, work it in throughout your hair.

3.      When using your blow-dryer with a diffuser attached, make sure your setting is on high heat but low air flow.  DO NOT disturb the curl while drying the hair. It should be dried very gently.

4.      To maximize your curl, do this with your head down or flipped over to reduce the weight from the dampness in your hair stretching out the curl.  Move the diffuser up from the ends of your hair to the root, scrunching your curls in the process.  This will give you the most amount of curl and optimize your natural texture.

best products for curly hair care

As always, quality products will help in maintaining the health and condition of your hair. Here are some of my recommendations for you. If your objective is to keep your hair curly and optimize your natural texture I recommend Curl Manifesto.

Find what Curly Hair Care Set is right for you! The Styling for Curly to Coily Hair Care Set styles & defines all types of curly hair. For wavy to curly hair in need of lightweight hydration, more strength and defined waves & curls try the Curly Hair Care Set. The Very Curly Hair Care Set is perfect for hair in need of hydration, more strength and defined curls. For coily hair in need of intense hydration, more strength and defined coils, the Coily Hair Care Set is for you.

If you are wanting to smooth your hair out, use the Discipline line.

The Unruly Deep Treatment Hair Care Set aims to smooth each fiber, control its movement and guarantee fluidity. These products envelop each hair fiber in feather-light coating, adding suppleness and shine while sublimating hair’s movement. The result is weightless control, anti-frizz action and anti-humidity protection. The set includes a shampoo that gently cleanses the fiber from root to tip leaving hair soft and easy to untangle, mask which deep treats & protects from heat and a blow dry primer heat-protectant that prevents breakage and provides a flawless finish in styling.


Curly hair needs completely different care and styling methods than straight hair. Using the right tools and products is key to keep your hair healthy, strong and to keep your curls intact. It is important to make sure your curly hair gets the intense nourishment it needs from the natural oils on your scalp and help from great quality products. Following all these tips and tricks can help reduce frizz, strengthen your hair and keep your curls looking their best.

Ermanno Venere

Co- Owner Venere Salon, Master stylist, Educational Director and award-winning stylist.