3 Ways We Are Making Our Salon More Sustainable

We, as salon owners, are conscious of the impact our salons have on the environment. And at Venere, we are committed to growing the sustainability in our salons and lowering our carbon footprint. Do you know that the beauty industry sends 877 pounds of waste to the landfill every single minute? We have changed some of our work practices to reduce our waste output, and find more sustainable salon solutions.

paperless booking & service listings

Long ago, we got rid of our paper appointment books and switched to a fully integrated digital system. Our Front Desk schedules your appointments through our computer software and sets up appointment reminders through email and text, so no need for a future appointment card. We even have it set up so we can email your receipt directly to you instead of printing it. One less receipt cluttering up your purse is always a good thing!

You even have the convenience of scheduling your own appointments online 24/7 at booking.salonvenere.com. And we no longer carry physical brochures in-salon of our service listings, they are easily available on our website.

reduce, reuse & recycle

Reducing our energy usage is one of the major ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. We found that water consumption is a big part of that, especially at the sink. So we seeked out a better solution for our wash stations. We have switched our showerheads to the ECOHEADS salon spray nozzle. This new showerhead reduced our wash times, water consumption and energy consumption by 65%!

It’s important that our salons are well-lit so we can have you looking your very best. When it comes to saving energy, lighting is a quick and easy way to start. We have switched all of our light bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs. This small change uses 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs while providing the same brightness throughout the salon.

Recycling is the main way our salons keep our waste output to a minimum. We recycle all plastics, cardboard and paper we use, like developer bottles, shampoo bottles, styling product packaging, cleaning product packaging, shipment boxes, and colour tube packaging. Everything we can properly recycle, gets recycled!


sustainable partnerships

We pride ourselves with working alongside companies that are eco-conscious, with plans in place for a cleaner future.

Our colour line, L’Oréal Professionel, has 100% recyclable packaging including a 100% recycled plastic cap on all their colour tubes, saving 7 tons of plastic each year. They are at the forefront of sustainable packaging, carefully selecting the best materials to preserve nature’s resources.

Kérastase uses up to 95% of recycled plastic in all their product packaging. And is about to release a Refillable Shampoo Bottle made of 100% recycled aluminium along with the Refill Shampoo Pouches that use 82% less plastic than 2 of their 250ml original shampoo packaging. Nearly all Kérastase brand products are produced in their Burgos, Spain factory which has had a neutral carbon footprint regarding its production since 2015. The factory is also leading the way in environmental initiatives for reducing and reusing waste, and saving water.

AVEDA was the first beauty company to use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging in more than 85% of their products. All of their products are manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. Even their formulas are eco-friendly, they are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and 90% naturally derived.


It’s important to us to be doing our part – not only will this help ourselves, but it will also help the bigger picture when it comes to sustainability in the salon industry. We are always looking into more ways we can become a better sustainable salon. It is more important than ever for us to care for the environment and the health of our guests, staff & community.