Jess has been an indispensable team member and leader at Venere Salon for more than 19 years.  She has a genuine love for people and this lead her to complete a degree and diploma in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.  Long before she joined our team, Jess also had a passion for hair and the impact great services make on people.  She quickly realized that bringing HR ideas and fundamentals into a salon environment could make an incredible difference. Alongside the Venere brothers, she pioneered an HR position that contributed to us being recognized as industry leaders.  Her work, commitment, and heart has helped shape Venere Salon.

Jess is very focused on the happiness and fulfillment of our team members, our clients, and our company.  She supports all of us and makes the transition into Venere Salon for new recruits comfortable.  Outside of her HR duties, Jess is our resident event planner, participates in developing and implementing new programs and ideas, and goes wherever she is needed, whenever she is needed.   To say Jess wears many hats here at Venere Salon is an understatement.  She is one of a kind!