Women’s Cut: $68+ | Men’s Cut: $43+ | Highlights: $125+ | Balayage: $205+

Muna has been working and training in the Beauty Industry for more than 14 years in different parts of the world. Her hair career began in Palestine where she also acquired her degree in Biology and Chemistry.  After moving to Canada, Muna completed Hair College, joined Venere Salon, and trained hard at The Venere Academy.  She takes every educational opportunity she can get!  

Listening, consulting, and respecting her guest’s needs are of utmost importance to Muna.   Her background in chemistry allows her to take every detail into account when formulating colour, personalizing services, and delivering tailored results.  She is able to approach her client’s requests from a scientific concept, always ensuring their hair and scalp are healthy, balanced and beautiful.

Muna is constantly evolving as an Artist, learning new techniques, and keeping her client’s hair healthy, current and stylish.  She has a passion for all forms of art and believes that “Doing hair is living in art.  It is part of your daily life.  I get inspired when I create a look that enhances my guest’s beauty and her eyes light up!”   Muna strives to make you feel and look your best!