Women’s Cut: $83+ | Men’s Cut: $53+ | Highlights: $140+ | Balayage: $230+

Jade showed an interest in hair and the beauty industry from a young age and once she experienced her high school’s cosmetology classes she was hooked!  Over the last 10+ years, her passion has continued to grow and she feels that hairstyling was her true calling.

Jade is a graduate of the Aveda Institute and has completed advanced classes in all areas of the craft with The Venere Academy, L’Oreal, Metro, Aveda and Kérastase.  She loves learning new techniques and is always focused on continuing to develop her fundamental skill set.  

Jade takes a lot of pride in creating personalized cuts, styles and colour placements for her clients that are full of movement, fit their needs, and are synchronized to their lifestyles.  She is passionate about creating a beautiful experience for her guests while they visit her and nothing makes Jade happier than seeing her clients thrilled with their results.  The ability to make someone feel better and more confident in their own skin is a special aspect of this career to Jade.