Women’s Cut: $88+ | Men’s Cut: $56+ | Highlights: $140+ | Balayage: $230+

Sarah has been passionate about hair and fashion for as long as she can remember, there has never been anything else she wanted to do!  She feels that hair and fashion aren’t just her job, it’s her lifestyle.  She loves to accentuate an individual’s identity through their appearance.  It’s one of the first things people notice about a person and she believes it should be a reflection of yourself.

Sarah has been a Hairstylist for more than 13 years and her favorite services to execute are colour services of all ranges.  She is an outgoing person but when she is working with colour Sarah is super focused and the quietest she ever is! She loves cutting and has a serious passion for curly hair. As a “curly-hair-girl” herself, she has a deep understanding of how it responds to various techniques.

Education and continuing to evolve is important to Sarah.  She Mentors newer Stylists and passes along her knowledge.  One of her most memorable moments in her career thus far was attending L’Oreal Professionele’s Academy in New York City and says it left quite the “beauty mark!”.