Women’s Cut: $93+ | Men’s Cut: $60+ | Highlights: $155+ | Balayage: $255+

Tonya has a serious passion for all things hair.  She loves learning and has traveled all over North America and overseas to attend advanced classes with some of the worlds most talented Stylists.  She loves going out into the world, seeing how trends are evolving, and bringing the exhilarating information back to her clients and co-workers.  Teaching, guiding and mentoring our Apprentices is a special role for Tonya and one she thrives in as an Educator at The Venere Academy.  Participating in competitions, photoshoots and being featured in an Editorial Magazine are highlights to Tonya! 

Tonya feels that hair is a person’s “mane” accessory.  “When your hair looks good you feel your best!  And when your hair looks great it always goes with what you are wearing.”  Tonya ensures that she delivers a personalized beautiful colour, cut and style that instigates that extra bounce in her guest’s step as they walk out of the salon.  She executes all services with precision and particularly loves colour, blonding, free-hand painting like balayage, and taking on challenging colour corrections.  She has a love for precision cutting and creating a perfect colour placement to enhance a great cut.