Women’s Cut: $98+ | Men’s Cut: $63+ | Highlights: $155+ | Balayage: $255+

Rebecca is a very well rounded Master Stylist that specializes in colour and cuts. She is incredibly creative and the profession of Hairstyling drew her in because this work allows her to create mini art projects all day.  The positive impact she makes on people and the ability to make someone feel more confident is really special to Rebecca.

Rebecca loves all types of art and learning new things. She has participated in numerous advanced classes in all areas of hairdressing and she has also completed a diploma at an art college. By combining these many different educational experiences, Rebecca is able to “think outside the box” when approaching colour change challenges, create interesting shapes in cuts, and deliver beautiful unique results.  

Outside of the salon, Rebecca is very passionate about animals and spends her time with her four rescue cats.